logo-peterpauper“By partnering with White Pebble, we are able to treat the UK business as an extension of our US operation. White Pebble has made our transition virtually seamless. Unlike other US companies, we now have the ability to communicate directly with UK customers and provide a complete assortment of our product at competitive prices – without the need for customers to import. As far as they are concerned, we are a UK business operating in the UK. White Pebble gave us a way to enter the UK market without opening a UK operation of our own.”
John Hartley, vice president, Peter Pauper Press

logo-vapur“Our UK presence has grown considerably over the last year. I think it’s due both to the fact that we have a very compelling product for retailers combined with the strong efforts of the White Pebble team. White Pebble has advised on appropriate trade shows to attend; reached out to large retail accounts who have now taken on Vapur in the UK. given us a ‘local’ presence advantage; provided advice on UK pricing; and offered insight into the retailers we believe fit the profile we want for Vapur products.“
Brent Reinke, co-founder and chief administrative officer, Vapur, Inc

logo-woodstock“Our goal is to expand our brand presence and offer Woodstock Chimes to an even broader range of retail channels, backed with the best possible customer service and support. Who better to do that than ourselves? White Pebble lets us take back control of our brand in the UK, which is exactly what we were looking for. Working together, our operational efficiencies will benefit Woodstock’s UK wholesale clients.”
Stacey Bowers, executive vice president, Woodstock Percussion, Inc