How it Works

We offer a complete end-to-end solution for companies in North America
to set up independently into the UK market.

 Set you up

Getting Started

We will help you with any corporate documentation, VAT application, advise on pricing, range and target retailers

Import and store your products

Import and warehouse your product

It’s our vendors' responsibility to get inventory to our warehouse, but we try and make that as easy as possible.  For smaller shipments, we provide regular consolidated container shipments from Chicago to our warehouse in Chichester.  We handle all the logistics and customs clearance and arrange for payment of import duties and VAT.  If you need to ship outside our consols, we will facilitate this for you. 

 Set you up

Manage your operation

We act as your UK office.  We handle all of your order processing, pick, pack, invoicing, payment collection, VAT collection and returns.  You’ll have complete visibility on every facet of the business via our web-based portal, and can see real time inventory status, order processing and invoicing, collection and shipping information. We also handle all of your customer service and assist you with inventory management.

Contact us for a demonstration of how we share information with you.

Import and store your products

Manage sales and marketing

Through our extensive knowledge and contacts in the market, we can manage your sales and marketing, according to your requirements.   We will work with you as a strategic partner in the UK business launch.  We can recruit and manage a team of independent sales agents, promote your ranges via our extensive and current database, oversee trade show strategies and present to key accounts.

 Trade Shows

Organise your trade shows

We are experts in the trade show arena!  We are the agents for i2i Events, taking space at Spring Fair, Autumn Fair and Glee as single booths or in group stands.